Easter has come: Now run towards Jesus!

Mary Magdalene has reported that Jesus’ tomb is empty! Disciples John and Peter waste no time in quickly running towards the tomb; wondering what they would find (John 20:1-4).

Disciples John and Peter on their way to the tomb on Easter morning

Of course they didn’t find his body at the tomb, because Jesus is alive!

Later they would see the risen Jesus several times. And once more Peter would find himself “running” towards Jesus. (Okay, there was probably some swimming involved, see John 21:7).

How often do you find yourself wishing for an opportunity to run to Jesus?

What is holding you back?

When was the last time you reminded your child(ren) that running towards Jesus is always an option?

What is holding you back?

Open quote marks So turn to God! Give up your sins, and you will be forgiven.
Acts 3:19

A cross decorated with palm branchesAn Easter blessing:

On this day and everyday,
regardless of where you are at or how you are feeling,
turn and run to Jesus.

Happy Easter !
— Carol

Photo credits:
Disciples John and Peter on their way to the tomb on Easter morning a painting by Eugène Burnand. Offered by crazyapplefangirl, on Flickr under a Creative Commons License.

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