Rotation Model logoWhat does Christian Education look like for kids, at First United Methodist Church in Ann Arbor, MI?


Children from preschool to 6th grade (we call them Cool Disciples) learn about Bible stories through kid-friendly Workshops. The kids hear about the same Bible story all month long — called a “Rotation” — they explore the story using a different style of learning each week: visual, auditory, or kinesthetic… to name a few. This effective way of teaching is called the Workshop Rotation Model.

Our current Rotation is our Advent focus for this year:

Jesus’ Birth: Mary Accepts, Magnifies, and Ponders

Since Christmas happens once a year, we can focus on a particular aspect of the story. One year on the traveling wise men, the next on the shepherds and angels. This year we will explore Jesus’ birth from the perspective of Jesus’ mother, Mary. We’ll examine Mary’s changing emotions, along with her faithful responses to divine encounters. Join us in our journey through this story as Mary accepts the announcement of an angel named Gabriel, magnifies (praises) God, and ponders these events. Read the Bible story in Luke 1:26-49 and 2:7.

May this story lead you to contemplate your encounter with the divine and to ponder the wonder of God in your heart.

Here’s our schedule of Sunday morning workshops

Date Our workshops for 1st through 5th graders…
Service Service Games Games
11/19 1st & 2nd grades 4th grade 5th grade 3rd grade
11/26 Everyone will meet together in the Social Hall to watch a Video: The Promise.
12/3 5th grade 3rd grade 4th grade 1st & 2nd grades

We hope you will gather with us at FUMC, in Ann Arbor, MI.