We’ve just finished a Rotation on “The Beatitudes.”

Capernaum from the hill above the Sea of GalileePerhaps the Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes occurred near here?
(The exact location is not known.)

If you’d like to continue learning about The Beatitudes at home start here.

Now it’s on to summer programming!

What’s up for the summer? (June 18​ – August 27​)*

Younger kids (older 2’s plus 3, 4, and 5 year olds) meet in the A room. The kids will participate in summer lessons that ​include a fun assortment of free play activities and an age-appropriate Bible story-based video.

Elementary age kids group ​(older K’s – 6th grade)​ ​meet ​in the Chapel after Time With Children in Worship.

*On the first Sunday of every month kids will attend worship with their family.

We hope you will gather with us at FUMC, in Ann Arbor, MI.


Photo credits:
The mount where perhaps the Sermon on the Mount (and Jesus’ Beatitudes) occurred? Copyright Ferrell Jenkins (2010) Used with permission.