Our current Rotation is: “The Beatitudes.”

Capernaum from the hill above the Sea of GalileePerhaps the Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes occurred near here?
(The exact location is not known.)


Here’s our schedule of workshops on Sundays downtown
Date Our workshops for 1st through 5th graders…
Video Rhythm Cooking
4/30 1st & 2nd grades 3rd & 4th grades 5th grade
5/7 5th grade 1st & 2nd grades 3rd & 4th grades
5/14 Worship with your family on this Sunday as the children lead us in the Spring Musical: Table for Five…Thousand! As you can imagine it’s about the story of the Feeding of the 5,000+ – how about reading up on this story.
5/21 3rd & 4th grades 5th grade 1st & 2nd grades
5/28 Happy Memorial Day Weekend.
Summer worship schedule begins: Only one downtown service at 9:30 a.m. AND it’s Family Camp weekend! For those of us who could not go, worship with your family. Read the scripture: Acts 1:1-11.
6/4 Worship with your family on this Communion Sunday.
6/11 The Big Game! Are You Smarter Than a 6th grader?
6/18 Summer programming starts: All grades meet in the Chapel for a Game Workshop about the Beatitudes.
6/25 Part 2 of The Beatitudes Games Workshop.


And here’s what the 6th graders will be doing on Sundays downtown…
Date Activity
4/30 Visit the 7th & 8th grade Explorer’s (Confirmation) Class. Meet at 9:20 in Calkins Hall.
5/7 Attend worship, which this week includes youth in the Confirmation class joining as full members of our church. (Perhaps you’d like to refresh your memory about what Confirmation means?)
5/14 Worship with your family on this Sunday as the kids lead us in the Spring Musical.
5/21 An end-of-the-year celebration!
5/28 Worship with your family.


What’s happening in each workshop?
    Beat out the Beatitudes

  • Rhythm: Students will hear, see, sing, and keep a “Beatitudes beat” using various objects & sound effects to learn and “beat” along with scripture and The Beatitudes Song (by Matt Mason and Mandi Mapes). They will answer the questions, “Who’s beat do you follow?” and “What’s the beat that Jesus is laying down?”
  • Video: Students will see and discuss two short videos. The first is a live-action video of Jesus preaching the Beatitudes. The second video contrasts what people think is the way to true happiness, with the way Jesus teaches in the Beatitudes. Students will learn by heart, one Beatitude: Matt 5:5
  • Make a Beatitudes Sandwich

  • Cooking: Students will walk through the construction of a “Beatitudes Hero Sandwich” whose parts represent and reinforce each Beatitude.

We hope you will gather with us at FUMC, in Ann Arbor, MI.


Photo credits:
The mount where perhaps the Sermon on the Mount (and Jesus’ Beatitudes) occurred? Copyright Ferrell Jenkins (2010) Used with permission.
Two “logos” for the Workshops – Copyright Rotation.org Writing Team (2016) Used with permission.