Darkness and light; so goes life

Dark and light. Polar opposites, yet we can’t have one without the other.

I remember a picture book that I used to “read” to my kids when they were young: Fast-Slow High-Low, by Peter Spier. It was a book of few words, inviting discussion over the meaning behind it’s numerous artful drawings.

Cover of the book Fast-Slow High-Low

We often would make-up lively stories about the various opposites portrayed; leading to interesting tales! Light and dark were illustrated in the expected way – with the lights on and the lights off. I don’t recall that dark and light were depicted beyond the brightness of bulbs; it would be hard to sketch light and dark as a way to describe life circumstances.

The contrast of light and dark is evident in our current Rotation on Peter’s view of Easter. Peter, who was one of Jesus’ disciples, the one Jesus called the “Rock,” had reason to want to hide in the dark. Peter, who no doubt wonders if Jesus could forgive him for what he did?

Our story starts off in the dark. Well, sort of. There is probably some light as the disciples gathered with Jesus in the Upper Room to share the Passover meal; the one that we call the “Last Supper.”

But there were “dark” moments during that meal. Like when Jesus tells his disciple Peter that he will soon deny him. Can you imagine Peter’s shock? “Who me?, Peter says, “never! I am ready to die for you.”

“Really?” (Can you imagine the incredulous tone of voice that Jesus uses?) “Really? You’ll lay down your life for me? The truth is that before the rooster crows, you’ll deny me three times.” John 13:38

Then there is the dark moment in our story when Peter does deny Christ. (John 18:15-18 and 25-27). Let alone the darkness that envelopes Jesus’ followers to see their beloved Jesus hanging on a cross.

On the third day, morning comes and with it light! Great light! Jesus is alive! He visits his disciples, several times. But how is Peter feeling? Luke’s Gospel has Peter weeping bitterly. (Luke 22: 60-62)

We will find out that Jesus forgives Peter (John 21:1-17). But it brings to mind a question:

What do you do with failure?

Pass it off as I’ll do better next time or continually beat yourself up?

Jesus offers forgiveness.

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