Do you have the nagging feeling that you should be doing something about growing your family spiritually… but you’re not sure what?

When I brought home my first child I had lots to learn. I’ll bet you’ve been in this situation: the anguish of trying to figure out what is causing the crying! Were you able to learn to recognize the difference between cries? Was a diaper change needed, or was she hungry, bored or scared? Of course I deduced that there was much more to parenting than just meeting physical needs, but no one told me about this need… my child’s spiritual needs!

I’ll admit it: I was clueless! I knew that I was my children’s first teacher but I had no idea that this included nurturing their spirituality. So what is my purpose in writing this blog? To pass on what I’ve learned in the department of spiritual nurture!

You’re in the right place! How about we do this together?
Consider this spot on the web as your Companion In Family Faith Growth.

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Where does my passion come from?

Realizing, a bit late (but then again, it is never too late), that I was suppose to take an active role in guiding my children’s faith journey.

In defense of my two kids—who are now young adults—and have turned out pretty good (Praise the Lord!) I just would do it differently if I could replay things! Thus, I would like to help other care givers not make the same mistakes I did!

Will you join me on the journey?
Carol blogs during Vacation Bible Camp
Here I am, blogging during Vacation Bible Camp!

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Other boring but necessary details…

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