To forgive is hard!

Forgiving is hard.

I had forgotten just how hard.

Everyday occurrances are relatively easy to forgive.  Forgive that driver behind me at the stoplight for honking at me so soon after green replaced red?  Done.
Forgive my husband for not telling me he was going to be stopping at the store (and I had a list!) Ahem…Well, ok. Done.
But forgive someone of something that is BIG?

Wait just a minute! Not so fast!

Going into this Rotation about Joseph and his brothers, I was thinking, in these lessons we’ll talk  about forgiveness.   I’ll craft our lessons so that by the end of the Rotation, children will be able to…

  • Tell how Joseph forgave his brothers, and
  • Recognize that God calls us to forgive others.

It is humbling to realize that God is trying to teach me these lessons as well.

When Joseph was sold by his brothers to traders on their way to Egypt, or when Potiphar put Joseph in prison, I'm sure that Joseph felt anger.
Why was it so surprising to me to feel the same way when I got "sold to traders on their way to Egypt?" (Insert the offense in place of what happened to Joseph.)

I find myself continually asking God to help me forgive.
It is not easy.

This just goes to show: this way of teaching our children is definitely adult education (disguised as a children’s program). What have you been learning?

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