How does God get our attention?

I have started a reading plan from The Everyday Bible. Each day there are a few short passages to read and a statement for further thought.  Today’s passages involve angels and Jesus’ birth.  The statement is: “If an angel had told me of Jesus’ birth _____” with the assumption being that I’ll fill in the blank.

I know how I’d answer that! I just plain wouldn’t believe it!  Joseph being told by an angel while he slept?  I’d just think that I’d had a weird dream.  The Shepherds?  I would be looking for the wires and other accoutrements of a stunt.  It seems like today’s high tech world would be trouble for God.

How would God get our attention?
How does God tell us that he is now among us?

Thankfully God is always reaching out to us; always trying to get our attention!

One way is through nature. Take a walk and look around you. (Yes, even if it’s cold or rainy!) Look at the intricate details around you. Seed heads waving in the wind? Red berries on a bush? God is among us!

The winter color of a native grass plant Winter berries on an American Cranberry Bush Viburnum
Where will you notice God clamoring for your attention?


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Photos are from my archives.

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