Conversations: snow flakes and God

Photo by Joe Thorn
A gentle snow fell today. It made me want to spend time doing nothing, just watching it lazily drift down.
(A quiet moment spent with God.)

I think about how amazing snow is – each frozen flake an individual masterpiece.  However, without a microscope, we can’t see it.

But kids know.

They are so easily amazed; so full of wonderment.

As a parent and caregiver, take advantage of this trait — use these moments to help your child to gain an understanding of God at work.  Deliberately use words that tie these feelings of awe, to God.

How about (in order from youngest children to older):

  • “God made those tiny, tiny snow flakes.”
  • “What else has God made that’s little?   What has God made that’s big?”
  • “Do you suppose God knows how many snow flakes there are in the sky?”  (Yes!)
  • “Isn’t it amazing how God made a plan for water to return to earth as snow.”
  • “What are other examples of God’s great plans?”
  • And for older kids… Wonder together about God’s plan for the cycle of water – as swirling sea, as whispering air vapor, and as silent snow.)

Talk about God while you catch some snowflakes together on your tongues.

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