Remember when…

a family sharing a laugh

  • Remember when we went to the corn palace?
  • Remember when Jorge “left part of his car behind?”
  • Remember when mom got so frustrated she threw the apple peels at the wall?

All memories that bring smiles in our household! (Yes, even that last one!)

How often does your family tell “remember-when” stories?

On the first Sunday of every month at FUMC in Ann Arbor, MI, we tell a remember-when story. Celebrating Communion together is a remember-when story! We are remembering Jesus.

Jesus gave us instructions about remembering him at the Last Supper. This Last Supper was actually a Jewish Passover seder. A seder is a way that Jewish people remember when God saved his people from slavery in Egypt.

At this special seder Jesus gave new meaning to the bread and cup of the meal. They no longer are just reminders of what God did to save the Hebrews in Egypt, but are what God did for the entire world when Jesus died on the cross! Jesus wants us to remember him when we break the bread, and eat with one another. When we take part in Communion in church we remember how Jesus loves us.

Take time to talk about the remember-when stories of Jesus.

Photo credit: From my personal collection.

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