Communion Questions

This Sunday is the start of a new month! This means that Communion will be served at FUMC in Ann Arbor, MI. The Cool Disciples worship with their families this Sunday.

Do you prepare your kids for a worship service that includes Communion?

What words do you use?

Try out some of these:

  • We celebrate Communion to remember Jesus. What do you suppose we should remember about Jesus?
  • I wonder how bread and juice help us remember Jesus?
  • Communion is based on the Last Supper that Jesus shared with his disciples. I wonder what the disciples were thinking when Jesus said, “This is my body which is given for you?”
  • I wonder why Jesus used bread and wine for us to remember him, and not other food items from the Passover meal that they were sharing? (Like roasted lamb, bitter herbs, etc.)
  • I wonder what Jesus would like for us to think about when we take Communion?
  • At most meal times we eat food so that we can have strength. I wonder how receiving Communion gives us spiritual strength?
  • Note: Don’t worry about having definitive answers to your pondering!

    Even Charles Wesley acknowledged the mystery surrounding Holy Communion when he penned his hymn O the Depth of Love Divine

    O the depth of love divine,
    the unfathomable grace!
    Who shall say how bread and wine
    God into us conveys!
    How the bread his flesh imparts,
    how the wine transmits his blood,
    fills his faithful people’s hearts
    with all the life of God!

    As you prepare for worship, what will you share with your kids about Communion?

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