Next Sunday, go on a “field trip”

students self-potraits

'Now when he (Jesus) saw the crowds, he went up on a mountainside and sat down. His disciples came to him.   Matthew 5:1


6th graders tack up people at the Sermon on the MountThis Sunday you are invited to have your children escort you to the bulletin board outside of the nursery, where they will proudly show you their self-portrait (in the crowd) at our rendition of the Sermon on the Mount.

(Okay, so since this was published 7 years ago, don’t be looking for anything this Sunday!)

Kids in grades one through six have been using their imaginations on Sunday mornings at FUMC in Ann Arbor, MI. The students have all visited the Art Workshop, creating pictures for our mural.

The unique feature?

They have climbed the mountain and have placed themselves in attendance, hearing Jesus speak.

Ask them what they’ve learned about the Beatitudes.

What about you?
What are you learning as you hear Jesus’ words?

I told the sixth graders (pictured, above right) as they helped to put up the self-portraits, that there was something wrong with this mural. And they knew what it was!

Do you? (Hint: Look at the top photo and read Matthew 5:1)


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Photos are from my archives.

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