Look! The Lamb of God!

Asking questions is good. Encourage the asking of questions, even if you don’t know the answers!

A faith that quits questioning, quits growing.

+++++—Rev. J. Douglas Paterson in his “What If” sermon series
+++++“What If Having Questions Were More Important Than Having
+++++ Answers?” (2/6/11)

Here are a couple of questions… but first a bit of background. Our story about John the Baptist is found in all four Gospels. The Gospel according to John (a different John than John the Baptist) includes a picture metaphor.

One day John the Baptist saw Jesus coming toward him and yelled out, “Look, the Lamb of God.” (John 1:36)


So if having questions is a way to grow…

Why did John the Baptist call Jesus “the Lamb of God”?

In Jesus’ time, lambs were offered (twice a day) as a sacrifice for people’s sins. An animal’s life — to pay the penalty for sin. Calling Jesus the “Lamb of God” meant that Jesus would take the place of a lamb; Jesus would die to take away our sins.

How did John the Baptist recognize that Jesus was the Messiah?

Wonder together! What questions have your kids asked about this story?

Photo credits: Click here for info on banner photo (not visible in readers or email).
Lambs by A. Roger Davies, who licensed this photo on Flickr under a Creative Commons License.

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