Workshop Schedule for March 2011

Stain glass window showing a sower

On Sunday mornings, our Cool Disciples (our 1st – 6th graders) experience Rotation Model Sunday’s school, as they learn about Bible stories and concepts through kid-friendly multimedia workshops.

In March, we are studying the Parable of the Sower.

Read about our story in Mark 4:1-9.

Here is the schedule for the next three weeks…

Date Art 1 Art 2 Cooking Newsroom Games Video
Room 212 Room 211 Pine Room Room 215 Room 204 Social Hall
3/13 2nd grade 5th grade 3rd grade 6th grade 4th grade 1st grade
3/20 1st grade 4th grade 2nd grade 5th grade 6th grade 3rd grade
3/27 3rd grade 6th grade 1st grade 4th grade 5th grade 2nd grade

What’s happening in each workshop?

  • We’ll be running two Art Workshops – one for younger students and one for older students. (This must mean we’re doing a really neat project!) Yep! Students will use clay in a unique way to create a “sowing scene” with which they can re-tell the story.
  • In the Cooking Workshop we will continue our theme of using items in unusual ways; students will be playing with their food! They will listen to music and the story being re-told, and formulate a visual interpretation of the Parable of the Sower… using snack foods! (Some eating will be allowed.)
  • In the Newsroom Workshop students will create (and videotape) ads selling products or services that might help us be more open to God’s Word. (Anyone need a Sunday-Morning-Bed-Launcher?)
  • In the Games Workshop students will use their bodies (both to answer questions and to move as game pieces) on a life-sized game board. They’ll hear situations and decide which sort of soil applies.
  • In the Video Workshop students will watch portions of the live-action video The Visual Bible: Matthew. They’ll also explore the meanings of the different soils by voing in a unique manner.

All sorts of curiosities happening this month! Don’t want to miss these workshops!

If you are in the area please join us for the fun learning at First United Methodist Church in Ann Arbor, MI

Photo credits from Flickr: Banner photo (not visible in readers or email) by Pink Sherbert Photography.
Stain glass sower by Jonathan O’Donnell. Both licensed under: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic

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