The hidden meaning behind the parable of the sower?

Anyone for hide and seek?
a child playing hide and seek

Why did Jesus use parables to teach things in hidden ways?
Time Out. Talk about…A speech bubble what is a parable?

In this parable (this story that teaches a special lesson with a hidden meaning) do you suppose Jesus was trying to tell us how to plant seeds?
No, this story is more than a description of farming practices. But what is the hidden meaning?
Time Out. Talk about…A speech bubbleWhat do you suppose the hidden meaning is?

Did you see this parable as describing the degree to which people accept God? The seed can be considered the message of God’s forgiveness, salvation and great love for us. The various kinds of soil in the story represent the hearts of those who hear of this message.

The four soils represent us!

That’s right, us — at various stages in our life, and even within one day. This talk of your “heart” means the deepest level of yourself; how we respond to the good news about Jesus.

Time Out. Talk about… A speech bubbleReview the four types of soil presented in this parable. How does each soil describe a person’s reaction to God?

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Need a review of the parable? Watch the video in this post.

How are you preparing your heart for the seed Jesus is sowing?

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