Summer Sunday’s Cool – that’s different!

It is summer – finally! School is almost out Updated: it’s out! Yeah! But that doesn’t mean Sunday morning educational programming quits at FUMC in Ann Arbor, MI – It just looks a little different.

It involves a choice for parents and their children.

What is the choice?

  • For graduating 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders it’s easy: Just meet with the Cool Disciples in the Social Hall, after the Children’s Moment in the worship service.
  • For graduating Kindergardeners: they can either go to the B room (and continue with a similar Sunday morning experience that they have had this year) OR move up to join the Cool Disciples in the Social Hall. Typically, kids who have an older sibling or an older close friend, decide to meet with the Cool Disciples. Kids who like to spend more time “playing” should meet in the B room with the younger kids.
  • For graduating 5th and 6th graders: This summer, we are trying out some new curriculum called Grapple. Grapple is specifically designed to get preteens (ages 10-12) grappling with tough questions in meaningful ways. The first theme is: Why Can’t I Sleep In? (Grapple also comes with a safe, secure online community allowing kids to connect with each other during the week. Read more about Grapple here. This group will be meeting in the Asbury Room.
  • For graduating 4th graders: They can choose to join the Cool Disciples group or the Grapple group. (It would probably benefit if they choose the same option for the month of June. They can change their mind in July.)
  • For younger kids (babes and pre-schoolers) see here.
  • Of course kids of all ages are always welcome to stay in worship if they prefer!

A Sunday's Cool class from last summer
Last summer’s Cool Disciples

See you at church!
— Carol

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Other photo from the archives here.

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