Things are looking up!

Busy getting ready A family helps get ready for VBC

Clouds at sunset form a smiley face

Ready for some fun? Things are looking up! The hot weather is headed for some much needed coolness (unlike feeling like 100+ degrees). Activity was in high gear today at FUMC because…

Vacation Bible Camp starts tomorrow!

Vacation Bible Camp. Aka “VBC.”
It makes me smile big time!
(Do you see the smiley face in the clouds? 🙂 I couldn’t resist including this since this year’s theme is sky!)

Why will your child be smiling after a day of VBC? Let’s count some ways!

  • Music, skits, and silly stuff at the start of each day in the sanctuary at Up & Away Sing & Play.
  • Friends (old and new) in your child’s “flight crew.” (They’ll first meet in the sanctuary and then “fly” together to four different VBC stations.)
  • Frolicing fun at All-Star Games. Need I say more?
    Chadder Chipmunk
  • Chadder is back in action at Sky High Movie & Missions. But wait a minute. Chadder looks a little different! See if you can spot what’s new.
  • Scrumptious snacks served during Skydive Diner. (How do they always see to it that our munchies tie to the day’s Bible verse?)
  • Engaging drama at Wild Blue Bible Adventures. This always sparks deep discussion in our flight crews.
  • Something new (for elementary-aged kids): Imagination Station, where kids will “discover the Bible Point in crazy ways!” (Preschool kids will visit Craft & Play.)
  • Bible Buddies! A new one every day! And check out how each Buddy has the day’s Bible verse on it. Total coolness.

Bible Buddies for VBC

Hope to see you at VBC!
~~ Carol (on behalf of the VBC team)

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Photo credits:
Click here for info on banner photo (not visible in readers or email).
A Michigan sky creates a smiley face by Erin Leigh McConnell who licensed this photo on Flickr under a Creative Commons License.
Chadder & VBC Bible Buddies used by permission of Group Publishing.
Other photos from my archives.

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