Sky VBC: Day 3

We had another great day at Sky Vacation Bible Camp (VBC): Where everything is possible with God! Here’s what we did today…

Heading in to VBC.Thanks for allowing members of our Grad Group to escort your children into the Sanctuary. It makes our drop off extra smooth-sailing.

We started off the morning really dancing! A few crews had the chance to lead everyone.

Opening day 3 Opening Day 3 - an overhead shot

We huddled up in our crews to share our God Sightings and filled in three more letters on our posters with miniature “clouds.” It helps us remember to look for God in our lives. He really is everywhere!

VBC 2012 Day 3 God Sightings Day 2

The Bible Buddy for day 3: Scout the Eagle
We were introduced to our Bible Buddy of the day, Scout the Bald Eagle, by watching a short video. Do you know that Bald Eagles can have a wing span of up to seven feet! That’s a big bird. There is a cool verse in the Bible about eagles:

But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. Isaiah 40:31a

Flash - Day 3Flash was back again today. She was all tied up with troubles. A kid in her flight class came up with the story that Flash had cheated; but she hadn’t! Flash wanted to strike back! She wanted to tie the offender to the wings of her flight simulator! Our Up & Away Sing & Play leader reminded Flash that sometimes people aren’t always nice. We need to trust God no matter what people do to us. In fact, that’s today’s Bible Point:

No matter what people do… trust God!

Our Sky High Hint for the day was mysterious as always. This is our clue as to what our Bible story will be about. Oh, oh. Something bad is going to happen to someone in our story. We’ll have to remember to trust God!

A note for parents/caregivers: our story was about Jesus being arrested and put on trial. Read about it in Matthew 26:36-27:31. This is a long story with dark themes, however know that it was handled in age-appropriate ways, the overall point being that people did bad things to Jesus. He was falsely arrested and beaten and mocked. Jesus understands how we feel when people do mean things to us. (Our story tomorrow will tell the happy ending.)

The preschoolers visited the following stations:

  • Games – We played some fun games on the playground.
  • Bible Adventures – We heard our Bible story while sitting around a pretend fire.
  • Pre-K Drama/Bible Adventures - Day 3

  • Bible Buddies – Skyler the squirrel was back with Chadder Chipmunk. Chadder had also entered the build-a-rocket contest, except part of his directions were missing! We think that Orly took them. How mean! Did Skyler stand up to Orly? (We also talked a bit about how to make friends since sometimes friend-making can go astray.)
    Chadder is missing part of his directions Skyler helps out Chadder
  • Crafts – Kids made Soaring Eagles. What is written on your Soaring Eagle?
  • A soaring eagle Another soaring eagle

Meanwhile elementary kids visited…

  • All-Star Games – Today we played a tag game called “Owie, Owie, Out.” We also played “Surprising Strength.” We were… surprised!
  • Wild Blue Bible Adventures – We really had an adventure today. Elementary Bible Adventures Day 3 We had to hide from Roman soldiers and then we found evidence that something bad must have happened to Jesus after he’d been arrested. Ask your kids what we found.
  • Sky High Movie & Missions – We found Liberia on an unmarked map of Africa! We also looked at pictures from Camp RAWANA. In our video Chadder almost lost the contest today. Then the video left off on a real cliff-hanger! In reviewing our key Bible verse we learned a way to feel like we’ve got extra strength. Ask your child to show you.
    New found strength?
  • Imagination Station – was a blast today. We flew Tube-A-Loons! (And a few paper airplanes.) We learned that when something happens that bugs you, you just have to let it go.

The Grad Group went on another field mission trip today. They visited Alpha House, the homeless shelter in Ann Arbor for families. The grads helped organize, clean, and re-stock. (Hopefully we’ll soon get some pictures of the Grad Group in action.)

Our mid-morning snack time at Sky Dive Diner is always enjoyable. Our snack today was “Sky Cakes.” Ask your child about the decoration on the top of the cake.Day 3 Snack: Sky Cakes!

At the end of our morning everyone gathered together again for Fly Away Finale. There was more singing and a slide show of the day’s activities. We watched a demonstration of what can happen with our sad feelings when we trust God. Members from the Grad Group gave us an update.

Finale demo report by Grad Group members

We ended our day with more singing and happy dancing!
soaring at finale

Today’s Links of interest (click on the highlighted words):

  • Slide show of photos from Wednesday.
  • A web site to see American Sign Language signs – a way to learn today’s Bible verse! The signs for the words: trust, Lord, and strength.
  • Other hints on learning Bible verses by heart.

See you tomorrow!
Carol (on behalf of the VBC Team)

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Photo credits: Click here for info on banner photo (not visible in readers or email).
Bible Buddy image used by permission of Group Publishing.
Rest of photos courtesy of Wendy, Griffin, and Carol.

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