Teaching kids about worship: let them participate!

This Sunday at FUMC in Ann Arbor, MI, the kids will be participating in worship. What a great way to teach them about worship – by involving them in the service; by asking them to help lead! If your child is not taking an active part this Sunday, here are some ways to help them to get more out of the service.

  • The theme for this Sunday is: “Jesus, My Friend.” Spend some time talking about friends. Is being someone’s friend, hard work? What does it take to be a good friend?the facebook like button Does it ever involve doing something you maybe don’t like doing? Relay a story from your past friendships.
  • Talk about Jesus as being your friend. Is it easy being friends with Jesus? What if someone snubbed you or put you down, because you liked Jesus? Would you still want to be friends with Jesus then?
  • Read the scripture together that will be used in the service: Mark 10:35-45. To make it easier to understand, read it in The Message.
  • Talk about the sermon title: “James and John: Let’s ‘Like’ Jesus!” Wonder together about how Pastor Bob will develop his sermon. According to this weeks “Thursday Thoughts, we’ll be asked to speculate on whether being friends with Jesus is as easy as clicking “Like.”
  • Practice prayer. Include all of those who will be helping lead us in worship, in your prayers.
  • Practice singing some hymns. We’ll be using “Jesus Loves Me,” “What a Friend We Have in Jesus,” and “I Want Jesus to Walk with Me.” Below are some videos from YouTube that include the lyrics with the songs.

Ask your kids after the service if your preparation helped them to worship. (Report back okay?)

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“Like” button by Sean MacEntee, who licensed this photo under a Creative Commons License on Flickr.

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