Rotation Photos – share with your kids

Here are some photos from our current Rotation at FUMC in Ann Arbor, MI. (We are studying Joseph’s Coat.) Consider gathering the family around the computer and sharing the pictures and talking about some of the questions that are posed.

Last Sunday the 5th and 6th graders were in the Drama Workshop. They had a chance to review the story (which they knew quite well, seeing as this was week number five for this story). They quickly moved on to practicing a skit telling the story of Joseph’s Coat.

5th & 6th graders put on a skit
Joseph tells his brothers about his dream.

Time Out. Talk about…a speech bubble
Ask your kids what Joseph’s dreams were about.
What did Joseph’s brothers think of the dreams?

The rapt audience

Then the audience arrived for the real show! The preschool kids (who have also been learning in their own workshops about Joseph and his brothers) came upstairs on a field trip. They look pretty enthralled!

This show was complete with a spitting camel who arrived on the scene with some traveling traders. And this camel (seen below) really was playing the part! Watch out audience!

A camel was part of the cast

Time Out. Talk about…a speech bubble
In what scene in the story did the camel appear? (hint: camels were used on long journeys) How do you suppose Joseph felt at this point in the story? Do you suppose he wondered where God was?

The crew took a bow when it was over. And then they introduced themselves and proudly pointed out their little brothers and sisters in the audience!

the crew lines up to take a bow 2nd graders in the Puppet Workshop
The crew is introduced 2nd graders man the puppets!

Meanwhile, in the Puppet Workshop, the 2nd graders were busy enacting the story using puppets. There was a small class this week – only five, and all boys! But they still were able to put on a show. Here they are (on the right) with their puppets. Second grade boys sure have lots of energy! It’s a good thing our puppets are made to last. I’m not sure which they had the most fun at — putting on the puppet show or watching themselves on the TV afterwards? (We had taped the production. Hmm. I’ll have to see about posting that!)

Down in the kitchen, the 1st graders had a crushing experience! They each had one tasty-looking Oreo™ cookie and then the workshop leader smashed it! How did they feel about having crushed cookies? This was a good question that actually tied nicely into our story.
Time Out. Talk about…a speech bubble
What “crushing” experience did Joseph have?
Have there been times when you have felt “crushed” or disappointed, or let down?
What can you do when you feel that way?
Do you suppose learning our key Bible verse might help? (Romans 8:28a)

So, what to do with smooshed cookies? Let’s make the best of our crushing experience and turn it into something good to eat – “dirt pudding”! (Sorry, I didn’t make it to the kitchen on Sunday so these pictures are from the 5th & 6th grade visit to the Cooking Workshop.)

making dirt pudding from crushed Oreos carefully measuring ingredients

Time Out. Talk about…a speech bubble
What did Joseph do with the crushing experience of being sold in Egypt?
Do you suppose that Joseph remembered that God would always be with him?
What evidence do we have that God was with Joseph? (hint: read Genesis 39:1-5)

These last two pictures are silly…

shaking with a quick set of rabbit ears gummy worms go with dirt pudding!
Some shaking action was needed (and a quick set of rabbit ears) Can’t have “dirt pudding” without gummy worms!

Which workshop will your child be visiting this weekend? Find out here.

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Other photos from my archives.

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