God makes all things new

How is your Lent coming? Have you seen any of these…

crocus peeking out of the snow

Maybe not yet, but soon!

Isn’t it appropriate that Easter and spring coincide? Spring is symbolic of what Easter is all about.

God transforms, and makes all things new.

Did you know that most bulbs like the crocuses shown above, need weeks of darkness and cold temperatures in order to bloom? (On the exception list would be amaryllis and paperwhite narcissus.)

Just as bulbs have spent mandatory time, waiting in the ground all winter, we too need a time of quiet renewal. The purpose of Lent is to remind us of this; to be transformed we need some dark, quietness!

Be ready for the first bulbs you see rousing from their renewing experience. Ask your kids (and yourself!):

  • If you were a bulb what would you think about as you waited in the dark?
  • Perhaps you could talk to God?
  • Perhaps you could listen for God?
  • Perhaps you could use your time to admit your sins? (Sins are anything you’ve done that separates or disconnects you from God)
  • Perhaps you could renew your relationship with God?
  • What are you learning in your quiet darkness?

Lenten blessings!
 — Carol

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Photo credits:
Crocus in snow by Liz West, is licensed on Flickr under Creative Commons (CC BY 2.0).
FUMC’s palm-covered cross from my archives. Offered for use under Creative Commons (BY NC-SA 2.0).