Cool Disciples Schedule – May 2013

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On Saturday nights and on Sunday mornings at FUMC, our “Sunday’s Cool” is a different sort of Christian education. We are a Workshop Rotation Model church. That means kids spend five weeks learning a particular Bible story, each week encountering a different kid-friendly multimedia workshop.

Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dreams
Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dreams

In May and in June, we are covering part two of the Old Testament Joseph story. Read part two in Genesis 39:1-5, 39:20-45:28, 46:1-7, 50:15-21. (It covers a lot of reading – nine chapters! Stay-tuned, a reading plan will be up next week.) A review of part one (with a printable discussion) is here.

For Saturdays at the Green Wood location, here is the schedule…

Date Workshop Activity
5/4 Puppets Workshop Use handle-bag puppets to enact the story of Joseph and his brothers in Egypt.
5/11 Games Workshop Play a quiz game to focus on story details.
5/18 Video Workshop Watch portions of the animated video Joseph King of Dreams.
5/25 No workshop for Memorial Day weekend. If you’re not at Family Camp, worship with your family.

For Sundays at the downtown location, here is the schedule of workshops…

Date Our workshops…
5/5 Enjoy worship and Communion with your family
Puppets Games Video Storytelling Photography
Room 215 Room 211 Pine Room Social Hall Room 204
5/12 3rd grade 1st grade 2nd grade 5th & 6th grade 4th grade
5/19 1st grade 2nd grade 3rd grade 4th grade 5th & 6th grade
5/26 Memorial Day weekend! Family Camp!
If you’re in town, attend worship with your family.

This Rotation will continue in June!

What’s happening in each workshop?

  • In the Games Workshop students will play a quiz game using the life-sized game board and an over-sized game die.
  • In the Photography Workshop students will create a series of tableaux (still photographs) of each portion of the story. These will later be made into a slideshow with narration.
  • In the Puppet Workshop students will use handle-bag puppets to enact the story of Joseph and his brothers in Egypt.
  • The Storytelling Workshop tells the story with a musical! Experience Joseph’s feelings and events in his life by viewing and discussing parts of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.
  • In the Video Workshop students will watch portions of the animated video Joseph King of Dreams.

If you are in the area please join us for the fun learning at First United Methodist Church in Ann Arbor, MI

Photo credits:
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Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dream, an illustration by O. A. Stemler and Bess Bruce Cleaveland from the Standard Bible Story Readers: Book 3 (in the Public Domain), made available by La Vista Church of Christ under a Creative Commons non-commercial 3.0 license.

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