Discussing Joseph in Egypt, part two

Here’s a daily hint: Spend time GROWing at the dinner table.
Growing as in…

Grace (say a table grace together).
Review the days highs and lows while you eat.
Open the Bible and read just a tiny bit.
Work on applying it to life.

The “work on it” part doesn’t have to be elaborate. It’s all about…

Asking questions or doing activities
that help us to see that the Bible applies to our lives.

So if our current Rotation story is about Joseph in Egypt, how can such a long story—with numerous characters and complex plot twists—be broken down in bite-sized (dinner table-sized) chunks?

Easy! Use the following reading/discussion guide!

Joseph’s brothers arrive in Egypt. Unwittingly they bow down before Joseph! (Genesis 42:6)

Clipart - a girl points out while readingIf you’d like to print out this reading plan/discussion guide, click here.
Need a review? See part one of Joseph in Egypt here. And if you’d like to go even further back, review the discussion guide for Joseph’s “Coat” portion of the story, here.


Read in Genesis Discuss…
42:1-4 Why did Jacob have fears about Benjamin going to Egypt? Kids: Do you suppose that your parents have fears about you going places without them? What can help your parents when they are afraid?
42:5-7 Why do you suppose Joseph pretended to not know his brothers? What would your reaction have been if you were Joseph?
42:8-9 What “dreams” is Joseph talking about? (Hint: Genesis 37:5-11) How do you suppose Joseph is feeling watching his dreams come true!?
42:8-17 Why do you suppose Joseph locked up all of his brothers for three days? Describe a time when you schemed to “get back” at someone who had wronged you. Did you follow through with your plans?
42:18-23 Joseph says he “fears” God (verse 18) meaning he respects God. Where would you put Joseph’s trust-in-God-level at this point in the story? How do you suppose the brothers of Joseph are feeling: upset at their lot in life or sorry about what they did to Joseph?
Where are they on the trust-in-God-meter?

Share in the comments how applying-it-to-life helps you to GROW your family faith!


Photo credits:
Clip art “reader” by Improulx, in the Public Domain. Slightly altered and shared at Flickr.
Joseph is governor, an ilustration by Owen Jones from
The History of Joseph and His Brethren (Day & Son, 1869) in the Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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