Moving up

Some used-to-be-little kids will soon pass a milestone!

Moving up from Kindergarten to 1st grade! On Sunday we recognized this event. Since many are starting to become readers, they received a gift from FUMC. Ahead of time their family chose a Bible storybook, or a book of devotions. Here they are with their gift books.

Current Kindergarteners with their gift books

They also previewed (via a tour!) what Cool Disciples would be like when they become 1st graders in the fall. Here are a few notable differences about being “upstairs” Cool Disciples:

  • the Workshop Rotation Model logo

    They will be rotating!
    (This is, after all, called the Workshop Rotation Model™, which you can learn more about by clicking on the logo on the right.)

    While in Kindergarten, the workshops came to the kids. As 1st graders they’ll be visiting the workshops – physically moving – to a different workshop each week.

  • How do we figure out where they go?
    the children's page in the weekly bulletin

    Starting in 1st grade, kids attend worship until the Children’s Moment. After that, they are dismissed (with a song!) to their workshops. Check out the Children’s Ministries page (it’s usually buff colored) in the bulletin to see where they are headed. Remember, your child’s workshop location changes every week.

    OR (here’s a better way) look ahead of time at home. (Or from your smartphone on your way to church – not the driver of course!) Check out the schedule post on this blog. Listed in the schedule post are descriptions of what each workshop will be doing. To generate a little bit of excitement I’d say, make a new habit: check it out on… Wednesdays!

  • But after the children’s moment in church, there is a large mob of kids – how does my 1st grader survive the crowd?
    We’ve got a system! The first grade Shepherd with the bannerFirst graders are big kids, but the older kids can look bigger! To help out with this, the 1st graders gather in the hallway outside of the Sanctuary. This allows all of the older kids to run excitedly walk ahead to their workshops. A volunteer Shepherd greets the 1st graders outside of the Sanctuary. (Look for the person holding the orange 1st grade banner.) After the older kids have disbursed, the first grade goes as a group to their workshop.

    On the first few weeks next fall, you may want to help your child find the banner and say goodbye in the hall; then once they are familiar with the process, you can let them leave the Sanctuary by themselves.

  • Do I need to sign them in and out?
    Nope. 1st and 2nd graders will wait after class with an adult in their workshop, for pick-up by a parental unit. (3rd grade and up are dismissed to meet their families.) When you pick up your child do at least make eye contact with your child’s Shepherd!
  • What is a Shepherd (and how else can I get involved in this great program?
    Glad you asked! Shepherds rotate with a class. They get to know the kids and help out as directed by the Workshop Leader (by taking attendance, forming groups of kids for a game, or assigning roles to puppeteers). Ideally Shepherds would serve twice a month from Sept. through May. There are many other ways to get involved. Email to ask more questions!
  • Anything else?
    Why, yes! Perhaps your family has already implemented this…
    blog button
    Do your at-home-work!

    That’s where you nurture your family spiritually; homeschooling in the ways of faith and grace.

    It can be hard to teach how faith fits into life. That’s where this blog comes in…

    Helping you build disciples with everyday moments.

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Photo credits:
Photos are from my archives. (Sorry for the group photo quality. I tried but it can be hard to get a decent picture of a ready-to-go group!)

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