Big Questions with Nancy Lynn

This summer we’ve been delving into the movie series What’s in the Bible? with our star, Buck Denver. An exciting moment is always when they announce it’s time for…

Big Questions with Buck Denver

I love questions! (Well, okay. I didn’t always love them. Especially when my kids were two and asked why, why, why… over and over and over…) Questions were at the core of day three at our recent Vacation Bible Camp. You heard it lots of times that day…

Even when you don’t understand…Jesus loves you!

But let’s admit, even though we know that’s true… it doesn’t erase the nagging thoughts that come with all of that mystery! We still have questions!

Kids have lots of questions!

To acknowledge this quandary, in the “Imagination Station” the elementary kids thought up questions they would like to ask God. (Because it’s okay to ask!) They wrote their queries down inside big question marks.

They asked such great questions! In fact, their questions were so thought-provoking that for the next three weekends this summer, Pastor Nancy is going to do a sermon series on three of their most common questions!

  • What does God look like?
  • Why do people do mean things?
  • What happens when we die?

It sounds like it’s time for…

Big Questions with Nancy Lynn

Since your kids asked the questions, we want to extend a special invitation to attend worship on July 26/27, August 2/3, and August 9/10! You can come to Green Wood on Saturdays at 5:00 p.m. or to the downtown church on Sundays mornings at 9:30.

Hey! How about doing this…

A suggestion on what to do as a family on the weekends.

I cant wait to hear some possible answers to some tough questions whether it’s with Buck Denver or Nancy Lynn!

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