My New Year’s resolutions. And yours?

The crazy season of rushing is over. {Take a deep breath.}
Now we turn our thoughts toward the new year.

I don’t know about you, but I want to be different in the coming year.
I want to pay more attention.

It goes like this:

Big Horn Sheep at the Grand Canyon

Take something dramatic like the Grand Canyon. With no effort it registers off-the-charts: instantly recognized beauty.

Yet I easily miss the small details, which might seem like minutiae, but when exposed are equally awe-inspiring.

Details such as the fact that the Grand Canyon was formed by water and wind…

  slowly… imperceptibly…

     eroding the rock.

“Gentle waters flow over rocksWith a lack of attention I miss seeing the clout of one simple gust of breeze…

  of just one drop of water…

    whittling away…

      drip by slow drip.

I need to pay attention and focus to the level of a single water drop.

To slow down.
To always be noticing…often and regularly…

My life intertwined with the presence of God.

A collage of nature scenes

What about your New Year’s resolutions? Join me in being more intentionally aware of God with us?

Happy New Year!
 — Carol

Photo credits:
The Grand Canyon, by Marcin Wichary who licensed this photo on Flickr via a Creative Commons License.
Other photos from my archives with thanks to Tracy K. for the lower center shot of kids at the lake!

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