Everest VBC – Day 2

Welcome back to highlights of our Everest trek – day two! It’s Vacation Bible Camp (VBC) at FUMC and we are…

Conquering challenges with God’s mighty power!

Base Camp gets started

We started our day with our Sherpa Jess, at Base Camp Sing & Play. We engaged in rowdy singing. Then we were introduced to today’s Bible Point!

God has the power to comfort!

Our Bible story for today is about a time when God comforted Elijah. (Yes, the same Elijah he heard about yesterday.) Today’s story about Elijah involves some crazy weather and then God providing comfort in an unexpected way. Can your child tell you about what happened? (You can read about it in First Kings 19.)

Everest VBC Day 2 - Cliff - MarmotOur Bible Buddy for the day, Cliff, is a marmot. Marmots are relatives of squirrels and groundhogs. Marmots at Everest burrow deep into the mountain to stay safe and warm. The way the mighty mountain wraps around Cliff can remind kids that our mighty God has the power to comfort! The Bible tells us:

 He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others.
2 Corinthians 1:4a

Trek is feeling sick!Trek Rockrambler was back. She had found another crew to climb with but, now Trek was feeling very sick. She was in need of some powerful comfort to make her feel better. A blankie, or a stuffed animal. What do you grab when you need some comfort?

a thin line of snow

The preschoolers went off to Preschool Peak and did the following…

    A Bubble Booster in action
    A Bubble Booster in action

  • Games – The rain didn’t stop us. We could play “Climbing Comfort” indoors. When our climb got difficult we were able to provide comfort to our friends.
  • Bible Adventures – We experienced how God comforted Elijah.
  • KidVid Cinema – We saw a video about twins Ben and Sam who create homemade soft, stuffed monsters to comfort kids.
  • Craft & Play – We made and played with Bubble Boosters. Softly colored bubbles!

a thin line of snow

Meanwhile elementary kids visited the following stations…

  • Bible Expeditions – Today we hid from a windstorm, an earthquake and fire! We were comforted by God’s powerful love. He whispers “I love you!”
  • Glacier Games – We moved our game playing indoors due to the rain. Regardless, we had fun playing games.
  • KidVid Cinema – We saw a video showing twins Ben and Sam create soft, homemade stuffed monsters to comfort kids who are hurting. It makes you think, I could do that!
  • Imagination Station – We created a surprising “Bubble Booster” as a reminder of God’s comforting power.

Our “older” elementary kids in our Grad Group continued working on mission projects. Today half of group went to our Green Wood site to take care of the garden and spruce up outdoor areas. (Yes, the rain did not stop us!) The other half of the group worked on FUMC service projects: repairing hymnals & bookmarks and designing placemats for the FUMC Visitation team to give to folks who need some cheering up.

Mid-way through our time this morning we all gathered for snack at Mountaintop Treats. Our snack was called Rock Rambler’s Parfait. Yum! During our snack time, the Elementary kids also work on God Sightings. We can’t see God but we can see evidence of God at work! That’s what we are calling “God Sightings. I wonder what God Sightings your child will report to you?

At the end of our morning everyone gathered together again for Summit Celebration. We watched an unusual demonstration of how God’s comfort is overflowing. A few kids shared times when they needed comfort. As each one shared our assistant Sherpa, Carly, added food coloring to some liquid. As more and more needs for comfort were shared, the water got dark and scary looking. But then, something amazing happened.

demonstration of God's comfort overflowing  More and more comfort is needed - the liquid gets darker!  Something strange is happening

Sherpa Carly explained that it was a way to show us how God’s powerful comfort can soften the bad times. God’s comfort is always available to us. It is overflowing!

a thin line of snow

Continue the learning at home!

Here are a couple of questions to talk about around the family dinner table (or where ever your family gathers):

  • All of us experience times when we need comfort. Tell about a time when you received comfort when you were hurting.
  • Our world can seem crazy and scary at times. What is a good way to remember that you can turn to God who provides comfort?
  • Today you heard a Bible story about a time when God spoke to Elijah when he was feeling very sad and afraid. What did God’s voice sound like? (It was a whisper!)
  • Do you suppose God speaks to us today? What do we sometimes need to do in order to hear God?

Enjoy the slide show! (And check back with yesterday’s post because some additional photos were added to that slideshow.) See you tomorrow!

~~ Carol, on behalf of the VBC Team

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Photo credits:
Everest and Bible Buddy images used by permission of Group Publishing.
Rest of photos courtesy of various volunteers at VBC!

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