Revealing the hidden truth: Who is your neighbor?

boy eating at tableWho likes to play games? How about playing a game around the family dinner table? After all, dinner table games can lead everyone into dialogue. And what could be better than a family talking!

What game shall we play? How about a storytelling game! Chose someone to start the story. They can start to tell a tale about anything! After a couple of sentences, they choose someone else, who then continues the story where it left off. Of course it’s more fun if you move along quickly!

When your story finishes up. Ask your family these pointing-to-another-story questions:

  • A parable is a type of story. Who is known for telling lots of parables? [Jesus!]
  • Can you name some of Jesus’ parables? [There are over 50! Dig through a Bible to find some.]
  • What is it about a parable that makes it unique? [Parables are stories with a hidden meaning that are meant to teach us something.]
  • What do you suppose is the hidden meaning in the Parable of the Good Samaritan? (Need to review the story?)
  • The hidden meaning in this story was that our “neighbor” can be the person we least-expect! What is this parable teaching us today? [It asks us to look at how we view others. Isn’t everyone our neighbor?]
  • Pastor Doug has been talking about “Disruptive Christianity.” What do you suppose we could do that would help out a “neighbor?” How would doing that be “disruptive?”

a blue line

Photo credits:
Child at the table by Jenna P, who licensed this photo on Flickr under a Creative Commons License.

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