Loyalty, kindness, devotion… is this genuine love?

Ruth and Naomi in stained glassOur current Rotation is on three important people in Old Testament history: Ruth, Naomi and Boaz.

Our story is told in the book of Ruth. It is a brief story — only four chapters — yet we find it full of rich teaching opportunities about loyalty, kindness, and devotion, and caring for and accepting the marginalized and “outsiders.”

It’s a love story of the best kind!


It shows us a picture of what God’s love is like.

Hebrew (the original language of this story) has a word for this sort of love: hesed (pronounced: HEH-sed). Hesed is often translated as “lovingkindness” or “mercy,” but neither of these words fully conveys that hesed means acting out of unswerving loyalty. Not surprisingly hesed typifies God.

Watch this short (2 minute) video to get a quick overview of our story. (If reading this in an email, you can watch this video on YouTube.)

Join us as we explore this story!

Check out a growing list of opportunities to foster faith learning at home.

a blue line

On Sundays, at the downtown location…

Date Our workshops for 1st through 5th graders…
Art Games Cooking Puppets Video
10/11 4th grade 1st grade 3rd grade 5th grade 2nd grade
10/18 2nd grade 5th grade 4th grade 3rd grade 1st grade
10/25 1st grade 2nd grade 5th grade 4th grade 3rd grade
11/1 Worship with your family.
Read the scripture ahead of time.
11/8 3rd grade 4th grade 2nd grade 1st grade 5th grade

workshop location in the bulletinNote: Room assignments are in flux these days.
Check the bulletin for the location of workshops.


And here’s what the 6th graders will be doing on Sundays downtown… (They’ll always be in the Pine Room!)

10/11 10/18 10/25 11/1 11/8
Art Workshop Assist the 2nd graders in their Art Workshop Cooking Workshop Worship with your family. Read the scripture ahead of time. Prepare to host Connections. (Will be hosting on 11/22.)

What’s happening in each workshop?

  • In the Art Workshop students will braid with wheat. (It’s as close to barley as we could get!)
  • In the Games Workshop students will participate in a key verse relay race, and a “Stick Together” balloon challenge. The class will also will visit the time-line mural.
  • In the Cooking Workshop students will create barley biscuits.
  • In the Puppets Workshop students will watch a popsicle-stick puppet show that tells the story. Then they will sse handle-bag puppets to retell the story of Naomi, Ruth and Boaz.
  • In the Video Workshop students will watch portions of the animated video from Nest Entertainment, Ruth.

And on Saturdays at the Green Wood location, here is the schedule…

Date Workshop or Activity
10/10 Art Workshop
10/17 Worship with your family. Read the scripture ahead of time.
10/24 Puppets Workshop
10/31 Worship with your family. Read the scripture ahead of time.
11/7 Worship with your family.

On Saturday nights and on Sunday mornings at FUMC our Cool Disciples experience Rotation Model Christian education, as they learn about Bible stories and concepts through kid-friendly multimedia workshops. If you are in the area please join us for the fun learning at First United Methodist Church in Ann Arbor, MI.

Photo credits:
Stained glass of Ruth and Naomi, from Hook Church in the UK – photo by Bob Embleton, via Wikimedia Commons under a Creative Commons 2.0 License.

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