Give your family a gift. Will you make a new habit?

This coming Sunday, Rev. Nancy starts off a new sermon series on Stewardship. The scripture passage will be Matthew 25:14-28, which happens to be our story for our next Rotation!

Here’s a suggestion for giving your family a gift…

a couple with coffeeAttend the 9:30 service and then, leave with the kids after the children’s time.

The kids head to class and you grab some coffee.

(No, that’s not the gift.)

It’s a little known factoid that coffee is ready in time for the choir members to imbibe. (You may need to look in the kitchen. Please be sure to make a donation for your coffee during Connections time.)

Find a quiet place to sit for 40 minutes. Though space on Sunday mornings is at a premium, wander about, you’ll find a spot. Catch up on your reading. (Please keep your chatting to a hush in a space like the Social Hall where a class is being held.) Then at 11:15… (here comes the gift)…

Attend worship as a family.

Use these discussion questions to debrief the service:

  • What was your favorite part of worship? Did you have a least favorite part?
  • In the Bible story, how much did the master give to each of his servants? (Answer)
  • What did the story mean by a “talent?” (Ans: In Bible times a talent was a measure of the weight of a precious metal.)
  • What did each servant do with what the master gave him?
  • How did the master feel about each servants choice?
  • Today we use the word “talent” to mean our abilities. Go around the table and identify an ability – a talent – of the person on your left.
  • How do you suppose God feels when we use our skills to help others?
  • How do you suppose God feels if we “hide” our talents?
  • What skill or talent would you like to develop? What do you feel you need to do to start?
  • God gave us our talents. God gave us everything we have! What prayer can we say to thank God for all of our wonderful gifts.

Perhaps you’ll start a new habit every Sunday during this sermon series.

Photo credits:
An edited photo of coffee for two by Nathan Walker, who has released this photo to the Public Domain. Offered at

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