Why we pray: a friendship needs feeding

Do you remember your best friend when you were a child?
How much time did you spend together?
Two kids enjoy time together jumping into a pile of leaves

It was as much as possible wasn’t it?

A way to explain to your kids about the importance of prayer: Use conversation with a friend as an example.

Put it this way…

  • Do you enjoy hanging out and spending time with your friends?
  • Do you like talking to your friends?
  • Do you talk to your friends only when you need something?
  • Is part of being a friend, listening to your friend?
Our friendships need this “feeding.”

Then add…

  • Jesus is our friend. (Jesus would very much like to be our friend!) Jesus likes spending time with us.
  • The way we talk with Jesus is prayer.
  • Prayer isn’t just for asking for something. (Though it is OK to ask for things.)
  • Prayer includes listening to God.

Prayer is a dialog between God and us. We can talk to God any time, any place. We don’t need a good connection, or a charged battery. God is always available. God wants to hear from us!

How is your friendship with God?

Photo credits:
Leaf pile by lecates, who licensed this photo on Flickr under a Creative Commons License.

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