Beyond Sky: Using Prayer to Build Trust

“Sky” Vacation Bible Camp (VBC) is complete. We’ve had the chance to show off our enthusiasm by singing VBC songs in the downtown church service.

Kids sing songs from VBC in church

We sang the VBC theme song “Fly,” and “You, You, You.”

children's moment in church reports on mission collection

We’ve also heard a report from some of the Grad Group members about our “Share a Smile” mission collections.

Ah, we had a great week!


So, are we there yet? Do we fully trust God?

That’s what we heard all week long, right?

No matter who you are… Trust God!

No matter how you feel… Trust God!

No matter what people do… Trust God!

No matter what happens.. Trust God!

No matter where you are… Trust God!

(Did I miss any?)

I’ll admit, it’s hard to trust God. We want to, but it means giving up control. (Yikes, is that scary!)

And then sometimes it seems like God can’t be trusted; we prayed really hard but then God didn’t answer. So how can God be trusted?

How can we teach our kids about building their trust in God,
when we (the adults) aren’t sure how?

First off, be prepared to admit to your kids that you don’t have all of the answers. Living with unanswered questions is an unavoidable aspect of being on a faith journey. If you are like me it will be easy to tell your child(ren) that you all can work together to learn to trust God. Here’s a way to start: How do we come to trust anyone? We take baby steps to build a relationship, right? So how do we work on a relationship with God?

Use prayer.

It’s appropriate that this month in Saturday and Sunday’s Cool kids are learning about prayer. Prayer is talking and listening to God. It helps us to feel closer to God, to build a relationship with God and thus, to build trust in God. There are multiple ways to talk about prayer with your kids. (Here and here are a few). Let’s focus on a technique that is reinforced this month in our workshops: using the acronym “ACTS” to keep our prayer time focused. Each one of the letters represents a different type of prayer.

A: Adoration – A great way to start by saying, “I adore you God!” or “God, you are awesome!”

C: Confession – What we are sorry for, something we did wrong, or something we should have done but didn’t do. (How about feeling like we aren’t totally trusting God?)

T: Thanksgiving – List a few things that make you feel grateful.

S: Supplication – Send in the troops! Listing some of the needs of others or for ourselves.

I’m working on building my trust. How about you?

a blue line

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