Family Talk Time: Adam and Eve

Teach them the story. Let it breathe with questions. Don’t smother it with pat answers. There’s more here than you can answer.

Those words were spoken by Rev. Neil MacQueen, on teaching kids the story of Adam and Eve. With Neil’s thought in mind, plan to spend some time together as a family, re-reading and pondering this story, knowing that your questions may not have definitive answers.
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A woman points and makes a choice

Talk about choices:

  • Allow everyone to tell about what they’d pursue if they could do whatever they wanted, with no limits!
  • Kids: Why do adults sometimes say no to things that kids want?
  • Adults: Tell about choices that you face every day.
  • God specifically made that tree and then asked Adam and Eve not to eat its fruit. He knew they’d eat from it! Why do you suppose he even put that tree there?
  • What does this teach us about God?

We were created by God with the freedom to make choices. We have the option to thumb our noses at God; to decide for ourselves what’s right and wrong! God gave Adam and Eve a choice to obey or disobey. Note: Adam and Eve’s bad choice did not “infect” us with sin! Humans are not perfect; sometimes we are disobedient and choose the wrong thing to do.

Stay tuned for part 2 of Family Talk Time: about consequences and hiding.

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2 thoughts on “Family Talk Time: Adam and Eve

  1. What a fantastic site you have here. We recently enrolled our son in a Christian school for kindergarten and these posts are going to come in handy for those talks that are starting up in our house. What a neat resource to have as a parent. Thanks!

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