A picture of grace?

Share a picture that represents grace.

That was the request of Emily. I’ve been lurking at her blog lately as she has been doing a series of posts all month called “31 days of grace“… All about grace and how it’s a free gift, and all we have to do is receive it… spoken in eloquent words of course.

Today we were instructed to share photos of grace. (Go check out Emily’s blog, Chatting at the Sky to view other peoples submissions.) So here’s my picture… I spotted this just because I happened to glance skyward.

A cross "painted" with jet contrails in the sky

Jet contrails had formed a great, big cross in the sky. A picture of grace.

Our Cool Disciples at FUMC in Ann Arbor, MI are studying about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. This story is not just about a bad choice and its rough consequences; it includes God’s grace! Adam and Eve had disobeyed God but God still searched for them.

God calls out, “Where are you?”

(Even though God knows exactly where they are – God is God after all!

God’s call is an opportunity to come clean. They cast blame so God casts them out. They grasp for a cover-up of fig leaves; God makes them clothes out of animal skins. Yes, God throws them out of Eden, but God goes with them, and as we know, he eventually dies on a cross for them.

There it is. My picture that represents grace.
What would you use as a picture for grace?

Photo credits: Click here for info on banner photo (not visible in readers or email).
Other photo: from my archives.

4 thoughts on “A picture of grace?

  1. A picture that comes to mind would be a sunrise…the promise of a new day, a new beginning. A chance for forgiveness and then to start over.

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