Workshops for Daniel and the Lions

A lion waits for lunch

Daniel is a long story in the Old Testament so we are focusing on how Daniel’s habit of prayer helped him when he experienced a den full of lions!
Read about our story in Daniel 6:3-23.

Here is where the “Schedule” used to appear — which grades were visiting which workshops over the course of this Rotation. However it was removed as it was sort of out of date. 🙂 Our current schedule of workshops, for whatever Rotation we are currently on, can be found on this page.

For prosperity, here is what we did in each workshop for our Daniel and the Lions Rotation:

  • In the Games Workshop students participated in a quiz game using the life-sized board game and the game wheel. Spinning for your color determines how far along the board game you get to move, if the team correctly answers the question! Questions such as: If Daniel had decided to hide his prayers to God, how do you suppose he would have felt about himself?
  • In the Art Workshop students created mosaics of a story image, using paper “tiles.” A question they discussed: If you were Daniel in the lions’ den, what would you pray for?
  • In the Video Workshop students watched portions of the animated video The Roach Approach: The Mane Event. They enjoyed popcorn (can’t have a movie without popcorn) and explored questions such as: When was the last time you were faced with a den of lions?
  • Daniel is caught praying!In the Photography Workshop students “enacted” various scenes from the story. They “froze” so the scenes could be photographed. A question they faced: How did Daniel trust God?
  • In the Puppets Workshop students used puppets to enact modern-day situations where choices must be made. They discussed questions such as: Daniel was an old man by the time of this story. How important do you think it is that Daniel had years to prepare his faith?
  • In the Cooking Workshop students mix-upped a snack mix of “Lion Chow” – with each ingredient representing a portion of the story. They talked about issues such as: What does it mean to you, to trust God?

Check out the growing list of opportunities to foster faith learning at home using this story.


Photo credits:
A lion waiting for lunch by Peter Harrison, who licensed this photo on Flickr under a Creative Commons License.

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