Blessings: Doing something about the Race to Nowhere?

A poster for the film Race to NowhereHave you seen the film Race to Nowhere?

It looks at the pressure to perform that children (and their teachers) face today, including…

  • Hours of homework for students; not enough sleep.
  • The crunch to get into a “good” university.
  • Standardized tests (and teaching to the test… The school will loose funding if the students don’t pass!)
  • Just to name a few…

The film is a call to action for parents, educators, and people who care about kids, to stand up for change. My question is: how does our calling as people of faith, influence our response to this film?

Here’s one way… I am not saying that this is a cure-all but… how about offering regular Blessings to our kids?

Try out this one: Say your child’s name and…

God sees you as trustworthy and valuable.

When giving a blessing, you are painting a word picture describing what God would say to your child.

What are your thoughts on this film and our response? Share by clicking on “LEAVE A COMMENT” below.

Interested in finding out more about blessings? Click here to get started using blessings with your children. View other blessings here.

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Film poster from Race to Nowhere.

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