PandaMania – continue the journey

VBC participants sing in church

Wasn’t it great to have the Vacation Bible Camp (VBC) participants share a bit of VBC love during the worship service?

How can your family continue exploring a relationship with a God that is wild about you? Here are some ideas:

  • Did your kids bring home a pack of “iOpeners?”
    a pack of "iOpeners: Surprising Conversations About God" They are cards with questions for discussion that tie to the Bible. Such as: “If you could invent the best thing ever, what would it be? Describe it…. Believe it or not, God already invented the best thing ever – you! That’s why King David said to God: ‘Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex!'”
    There are suggestions for games to play with these cards like “Panda Pick-Up” and “One, Two, Bamboo.” (Or just use them during the family dinner.)
  • Longing for a music video? (I know that you are!) You can view the same ones we watched as we sang. Here are links for Wild About You and Watching Over You. There are more! Click on “Videos” at the top, and then scroll down to “Music Videos.”
  • There are VBC games to play on-line: here. Any one for a little Fez’s Fruit Frenzy?
  • Don’t be a stranger at this web site. Receive new posts by email by entering your address at the box on the top upper right side of this page. (And then clicking the button). Check out a few favorites: On starting a good habit with your kids, or doing a family activity to celebrate a season, or an example of what I call one of my Time Out, Talk About… posts.
  • Add your suggestion by posting a comment. (No signing up for anything, is necessary!)

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