A blessing – words that set them free

It’s Wednesday and that means it’s time for a blessing that you can use with your child. A long time ago I decided to give you a once a week blessing: a “Wednesday’s Weekly blessing.” (It kind of had a nice ring to it. And gave me an excuse to post at least once a week.) Not that you need to give a different blessing every week! Giving the same blessing every single day works. It’s just for some variety.

Why do I feel that blessing your child(ren) is important?

A blessing gives them words they need to hear in order to be set free to live their lives. Words that set them free, yet remind them that God is with them.

I’m sure that you use lots of words that set your children free. Words like those taught by Chick Moorman:

Take a risk and see if you can do it.


Sounds like you have a problem. What have you thought of so far?”

Read more helpful language as taught by Chick Moorman here.

And add blessings to your stock pile of wise words to use with your kids!

Try this out. Say your child’s name and…

You have just what you need to be the person God called you to be.

A child raises her hand: pick me! Pick me!

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