The password is thank you

“Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise.”
Psalm 100:4

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Is that Bible verse talking about the doors to church?

A church door

Ask that question at the family dinner table. (Or wherever your family is gathered together.) That verse is from Psalm 100, which is our Sunday’s Cool Rotation this month. As we dig into this psalm with the kids, our primary focus is to explore what this tells us about how to worship God. After all, the Old Testament book of Psalms is a collection of poems, prayers, and hymns that were used in the worship services of the ancient Israelites.

When we reflect on “worship” we immediately think of what we do once a week on Saturday or on Sunday – opening up those gates (okay, the doors) and coming to church. We are commanded to worship God with loud, vocal praise.

Time Out. Talk about…A speech bubble
Is worship restricted to just during a weekly “worship service”?

What if we consider those “gates” referred to above as doors to each new day of life? How does that change your outlook on worship?

If worship — expressing our love and our devotion to God — can take place at any time and in any place, then the teachings of Psalm 100 can be applied, not just once a week, but to daily life!

What instruction does Psalm 100 impart to our day-to-day routine? Take a look at how the The Message paraphrases Verse 4 of Psalm 100:

Enter with the password: “Thank you!”
Make yourselves at home, talking praise.

Do you know what this means? We are to approach our days with gratitude! The password to wondrous joy is given to us: put into practice saying thanks!

A couple of years ago I started the habit of noticing and noting things for which I am thankful; gifts from God. I got started after reading the thoughts of Ann Voskamp…

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I find it helpful to keep a list. Yes, it’s a numbered list. I’m working my way to 1,000, but I probably won’t stop there. Sometimes my list keeping is sporadic. But I always come back to realizing its benefits: it’s not enough to just think good thoughts, it takes feelings of true gratitude – seeing it all as gifts – in good times and in bad.

Some recent entries in my list…

  • 711. A husband who gets groceries.
  • 728. Having something to do while I’m waiting.
  • 735. A son’s smile when I give him a blessing.
  • 743. A job (in her field!) for my daughter.
  • 746. Wild, free-for-the-picking flowers to bring in for the table.
  • 748. An out-of-the-blue: “I’m coming over to help.”
  • 760. Having a mess to clean-up.
  • 789. Tears at saying good-bye.
  • 798. Sheets flapping on the clothes line.
  • 811. Reflecting on a weekend with wonderful women surrounding me as I stepped outside my comfort zone, multiple times!

Consider starting your list of 1,000’s of gifts.

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  1. Visiting from Ann’s….Yay for 743…..your daughter do do something she loves. A job is so hard to get these days and even more, the one that you LOVE 🙂

    Take care!

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