A Blessing: Choose Joy

It is a passion of mine: once a week I encourage you to bless your child(ren) and to offer you a blessing that you can try out with your kids.

The word “blessing” means speaking well, or saying good things of someone. It comes from the Latin word benedicere or benediction. Blessing your children can, over time, only lead to positive outcomes. Your words (really, just simple words) communicate your child’s high value to God, and to you. A blessing gives kids a vision of what they can accomplish and who they can become. Hearing blessings can cause them to think about their choices.

There is also another meaning of the word blessing: when someone is a blessing to others; when someone bestows good of any kind upon someone. Sara Frankl, an internet friend, was a blessing to many people. Sara was a blessing to me, for she reminded me to always choose joy in all circumstances.

So, in honor of Sara, here is your blessing for this week… Say your child’s name and…

May you take every opportunity to choose joy.

Why do I mention Sara? Over the last few years Sara has suffered from a couple of different diseases which kept her indoors and in constant, intense pain.

Yet Sara chose joy!

For example, Sara has said

I am in pain, sick, frail, homebound, bedbound, without great possibility or potential in my future.

In all of that, I am whole. I am complete. I am exactly what God made me to be in the exact time He created me to be it.

Despite her circumstances, Sara always said, “Yes” to God. She made a conscious choice to choose to see God always at work in her life. Sara Frankl died on Saturday, Sept. 24, 2011 surrounded by family and friends. She was 38 years old. She is now pain-free in heaven. Dancing and singing.

I will miss your inspiring words Sara. May I choose to look always for joy. May I be so bold as to offer my words, in hopes of nourishing others on the path of growing their children to be disciples of Christ.

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