A Blessing: Comfort

A painting of a shepherd with a rescued sheep.
Psalm 23 can be offered as a source of support for so many of our daily situations. It’s a multi-purpose tool!

Consider just a few possible uses:

  • Child stressed out about a test? Suggest she think about being led to calm waters.
  • Mom in need of revived energy? Psalm 23 reminds us that God always offers restoration.
  • Child fearful of what lurks in the closet? Emphasize that God is our shepherd; his trusty shepherd’s crook makes us feel secure.
  • Dad worried about the finances? Our cup overflows.

Here’s another way to present Psalm 23: Use it to bless your kids.

Say your child’s name and the words from Psalm 23 that are applicable to your child at any particular moment. For example:

May the Lord comfort you and lead you beside still waters.

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Photo credits: For info on banner photo (not visible in readers or email) click here.
Shepherd painting by Harold Copping, a photo offered for free use at Bible Picture Gallery.

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