Our Moses workshops – pictures!

We’ve just finished up a couple of Rotations on Moses. We started in January with Moses’ birth, his trip through the bulrushes in a basket and his adult experience with a burning bush. Then in February we continued the Moses story with the plagues on Egypt and the very first Passover. (I love how this will tie into our March Rotation on the Last Supper.) Here is a review of our study of Moses, with lots of pictures!

Reviewing a story in the Bible
Each workshop starts off with reading the story in the Bible. By the third week everyone knows the story! But finding it in the Bible is still important.
(This photo from our Green Wood location.)

In January there was a Games Workshop using our life-sized board game. Kids played a game modeled after the board game, Cranium.
1st grade use the large game board in the Games Workshop

The game in action; pointing out the game cube First graders in the Games Workshop
See that cube thing? (At the orange arrow). That is the game die. A team tosses it and depending on the picture they roll, they have a certain type of activity that they need to do. Here the card might have said “Using Playdoh, see how quickly team members can create a pair of sandals.” Of course, meanwhile the leader was asking everyone, how sandals enter into the story.

There was a Storytelling Workshop…

Moses visits in the Storytelling Workshop Moses at Green Wood
“Moses” visits the Storytelling Workshop downtown (for 4th-6th graders)

  And “Moses” at Green Wood.

(Okay, so it wasn’t really Moses. Just a couple of guys who did a great job portraying Moses!)

In the Drama Workshop kids acted out the burning bush portion of the story…

the 5th grade poses on stage at the Drama Workshop
Nice burning bush. Notice all the sheep? There were lots of props. Which ones can you name?

Meanwhile, in the “Greenhouse” (ages 3 years old to kindergarteners) they were learning about Moses as well. Here they learned about unleavened bread.

Trying unleavened bread Kids in the Greenhouse

In February it was on to the Plagues and Passover portion of the Moses story. There was a different Games Workshop. This one was Bible Bowling. Here the 1st and the 6th graders work together in teams. Teams had names like “the Gnats” and “the Frogs.”

1st and 6th graders work together in the Games Workshop A team member takes a shot at the bowling pins
Kids sure do know the answers to the questions! When the team answered correctly, they got a chance to knock down the pins.

There was a Cooking Workshop…

5th graders in the Cooking Workshop
Mixing up some unleavened bread – in a hurry!

And there was an Art Workshop where kids made comics using thumbprints…

An artist at work in the Art workshop More artists
Another artist More artists
Created art work Created art work
Can you tell the story using these thumbprint drawings? What part of the story does this one tell?

What was your favorite Workshop?

Photo credits: Click here for info on banner photo (not visible in readers or email).
Other photos by Beth Pascoe, Carol Hulbert and folks at Green Wood. Used by permission.

One thought on “Our Moses workshops – pictures!

  1. Looks like some excellent activities at the various sites to promote and reinforce BIble learning.

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