Follow along at home (part 2 of Jacob and Esau)

This month our Rotation story is part two of Jacob and Esau. (Last month we covered part one.) A Bible story big enough to be covered over two months calls for your help! It’s too much to cover all of this story in class. cartoon characters Jacob and EsauPlease read this story a bit each day, using the following family reading plan. As an added bonus there are questions for discussion along with the reading.

Gather together around the family dinner table. (Or wherever your family is gathered together.) If you’d like to print out the part two reading plan/discussion guide, click here. (For part one’s reading plan click here.)

* A review from last month

Read in Genesis Discussion questions
25:19-23* How does this message from God become significant later in the story? (Hint: This is a review question! Who ends up with the birthright and the family blessing?)
25:24-34* How would you describe Jacob? Esau? Their parents, Rebekah and Isaac? Do any of their traits describe you? (Are you an outdoorsy-type, a grabber, an opportunist?)
27:1-17* Have you ever played a trick on someone? What was the outcome? Draw pictures of what you think Jacob looked like in his “disguise.”
27:18-29* How would you rate Jacob’s trust in God? Why do you suppose God would want such a person to be responsible for his Covenant? (see Genesis 22:17-18)
27:30-38* Describe how Esau must have felt? Aren’t you glad that in our day, everyone can be blessed! Practice saying a blessing for each family member. Try: “The Lord bless you and keep you.”
27:41-45, 28:1-5* Tell about a time when you held a grudge against (or were angry with) someone. Did it ever get resolved?
28:10-16 What promises did God make with Jacob? Has God made any promises to you? (Check out 2 Corinthians 12:9 or Romans 8:28.)
28:10-16 As you re-read this passage think about what you use a stairway for. How can a stairway be seen as a way we can “get to” God? As a way God gets to us?
29:1-14 Do you know the story of how your mom and dad first met? Talk about the last gathering of your relatives. Was there lots of hugs and kissing? Telling stories?
29:15-30 Note: For families with young children, it is suggested that you tell this story to your family rather than read it out of the Bible. (Read it for yourself ahead of time.) First, ask your child(ren) what they know about Jacob’s marriages. Tell the story and then ask: How does the trickster get tricked? How do you suppose Leah and Rachel felt?
31:1-3 Jacob was working for Laban for 20 years. Can you imagine working at the same job for 20 years? What do you suppose God has planned for Jacob?
32:3-8 When have you prepared for something, expecting that the worst could happen? Does Jacob remember that God is with him? The next time this happens, how will knowing that God is with you make it different?
32:22-30 Why do you suppose God wrestled with Jacob? Do you suppose that sometimes the only way to learn something is to struggle with it? What is something that you’ve struggled with lately?
32:22-30 Names had great meaning in Bible times. Why do you suppose God asks Jacob what his name is? What new name does God give Jacob? What new name do you suppose God would give you? Bible-reader? Child who prays daily? One who helps others? Share your desired new name from God by adding a comment below!
33:1-4 Did this meeting turn-out how you expected? Is it easier to offer forgiveness or to be forgiven?

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