The word is love.

Every fall our church has a tradition: the third graders all get their own Bible. The presentation happens in the worship service, during the “Children’s Moment” so that all of the other kids get to see what’s happening.

3rd graders receive Bibles
3rd graders & their parents, in the worship service, in a moment of prayer
3rd graders are excited to receive Bibles
Look at how excited they are!

The new Bibles are wrapped in bright gift paper Bible bookmark made from layers of wrapping– because they are a gift from the church. But that is only the top layer of paper! The first of five layers! After the presentation in church, the children gather together with their parents for a special class about their new Bible. They are told that each layer of paper has a special meaning and to unwrap one layer at a time. In the past some students have saved a piece of each layer and created a bookmark.

So some students unwrap carefully…

carefully unwrapping her Bible

And some unwrap with abandon…

unwrapping with gusto
what layer is next? Ah-ha! The Bible!
I wonder what layer is next? At last! Finally! The Bible!

In part of this special class, students learn that the Bible is like a library — it has 66 books! That’s a lot of stories. They also learn that the entire message of the Bible can be summarized in one word:


God loves you and cares about you. The Bible is God’s love letter to each of you! Take our current Rotation on Jacob and Esau… what is it about?

Even when we screw up, God still loves us anyway!

Time for a class photo…

3rd graders of 2012
Class of 2022!

May God’s words of love transform you!

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All images from my archives.

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