Standing Strong with Prayer: VBC Day 3

Welcome back — day three of Kingdom Rock Vacation Bible Camp (VBC) at FUMC, where kids stand strong for God!

At our opening time, Sing & Play Rock, we were rocking the castle! Singing and moving to the music. How did the rest of our morning go? Great!

Opening: Sing and Play Rock - Wednesday

But first, a few links and other items of interest:

  • See what we did on Monday and Tuesday at Kingdom Rock.
  • Help your kids be on the look-out for “God Sightings” — noticing God at work in your world. (The beauty of “God Sightings” is, once you start noticing, you see God a lot more!)
  • An item for your calendar: We will be singing two songs during worship this Sunday, so please join us at 9:30 and wear your VBC T-shirt!
  • Keep those cereal boxes and coins coming! Neighbors near and far thank you!

Now, what else happened today? Well, Wally was on the run. She was taking flight from a knight in shining armor named Pistachio! Pistachio is big bully! I wonder how this will unfold?

Wednesday's Bible Buddy: Swift

Speaking of getting away fast, we watched a short video that introduced our very fast Bible Buddy of the day, Swift. Swift is a falcon. Did you know that falcons are the fastest birds around? They can fly at the speed of 200 miles a hour! (Can you imagine how fast your family car would have to travel to get from Ann Arbor to Chicago in just one hour? Pretty fast.)

Swift introduced our Bible Verse of the day:

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about
everything.Philippians 4:6

This would be a good Bible verse to “store in our heart” where we can pull it up, just when we need it? Visit here for some hints about “memorizing” Bible verses. Pray about everything! Yep; good advice.

It turns out that prayer was today’s Bible Point:

Prayer helps us stand strong.

Prayer is talked about a lot in the Bible. In our story for today, Nehemiah persevered to rebuild the wall around his favorite city, Jerusalem (as told in Nehemiah 1–6). He prayed a lot to God for help. And God listened!

Our preschoolers were busy with…

  • Games – Played two games: one where they helped build a wall, just like Nehemiah. The second game used bubbles; it was called “Blown Away.” Can you blow away your concerns in prayer to God?
  • Drama/Bible Adventures – We learned about how it can be difficult to rebuild a wall when the people around you are making it difficult to do your work. We heard about how hard it was for Nehemiah.
    Preschool Bible Adventures: Knocking down the walls of Jerusalem Building the wall in record time
  • Chadder’s Theater – We watched another episode of Chadder. Is Chadder in trouble for helping make the movie? Then we played a game called “Falcon Freeze.”
    Preschool Chadder's Theater; we play a game called Falcon's Freeze Caring helpers
  • Crafts – We made a prayer wall.
    Creating our prayer wall Creating our prayer wall

    It took a lot of work but it reminded us of all the things that we can pray to God about; big things AND little things.

    Showing off our prayer wall creation prayer wall

Elementary kids visited the following stations…

  • Epic Bible Adventures
    Wall repair at Epic Bible Adventures

    “Jerusalem” was a mess! The wall had been knocked down. We learned about how Nehemiah felt when he heard that his beloved city was in trouble. We also learned how he constantly turned to prayer. Then we helped rebuild the wall in record time!

  • Tournament Games – “Noodle Jousting,” “Knights in Knots”… what next? (But what fun!)
  • Chadder’s Royal Theatre & Missions – Chadder’s stunt did not go well. Everyone was mad! Chadder was worried. I wonder what will happen!?
  • Imagination Station – There were lots of surprises in store for us today! A very difficult experiment with forks and a toothpick and a match… Catching bubbles with our hands… God sometimes surprises us in how he answers our prayers.
    Surprises at Imagination Station We try it ourselves

What about the Grad Group? Our “older” elementary kids are working every day this week on various mission projects.

A Grad Group member helps lead kids into the castle Grads at work preparing snack

They helped out here at VBC, delivering kids to their crews in the morning and delivering coffees to our volunteers! Today they also made Rice Krispie Treats to take to the Bryant Community Center’s summer camp program. Kids at camp are fed lunch AND dinner every day during the program. What a great treat to share with our neighbors.

On the menu at King's Kitchen

At The King’s Kitchen we were served a treat called “Prayer Mix.” It looked like normal trial mix, but in this case each ingredient had a special meaning! Next time twisted pretzels are served, I bet your kids will think of how the shape looks like praying hands. Ask your kids what some of the other snack pieces represented.

At the end of our morning everyone gathered together again for Fanfare Finale for more singing!

Fanfare Finale Audience is also involved

But what is wrong with Lady Adele? Why does she seem to be dragging a heavy weight? What? People keep giving her more work!

Look at the train of stuff she's pulling along She is encouraged to pray to lighten her load

We convince Lady Adele to give up her concerns to God in prayer. We help her to unburden her load. She is very grateful!

Continue the learning at home!

Here are a couple of questions to talk about around the family dinner table:

  • We can pray at any time. When is your favorite time to pray?
  • We often pray when we are worried. What is something that worries you? How can prayer help you deal with that worry?
  • Do you suppose that there is anything that you might pray for that God doesn’t really care about? (the answer: NO!)

See you tomorrow!
Carol (on behalf of the VBC Team)

Here’s the slideshow of Tuesday’s pictures…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photo credits: Click here for info on banner photo (not visible in readers or email).
Bible Buddy image used by permission of Group Publishing.
Today’s photos courtesy of Tom and Carol.

2 thoughts on “Standing Strong with Prayer: VBC Day 3

  1. Thank you to all the volunteers and families who have made this week a great success. Our boys have had fun as they grow closer to God. We appreciate how you’ve conveyed all the info from registration to daily updates. God’s love is present in everyone’s enthusiasm, dedication and care. Well done!

    1. Thank you Maria. No matter how tired we all are after 5 intense days, it was still worth it to see kids having fun and learning how to stand strong in God.

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