With a little help from our friends: Kingdom Rock VBC Day 2

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Welcome back for day two of Kingdom Rock Vacation Bible Camp (VBC) at FUMC – Where kids stand strong for God! We are so glad your children are able to join us this week at FUMC. We are having a blast! Be sure to watch the slide show of pictures from yesterday!

Sing and Play Rock - day 2

At our opening time, Sing & Play Rock, we got right down to business – singing Kingdom Rock songs with gusto!

Wally in workout attire Wally attempts to lift a heavy shield
Tuesday's Bible Buddy: Duke the horse

Wally was back – in sweaty exercise attire! What’s up with that? She was working out, in order to become strong!

It looks like she’s got a long way to go. She needs some help getting in shape; she could barely lift a shield. I wonder what she’ll do?

We also met today’s Bible Buddy, Duke. (That’s Duke on the right.) Duke is a jousting horse. Jousting is a sport; something knights do with big spears and heavy armor. No wonder Wally was working out. Becoming a knight is tough work!

I wonder how a big horse relates to today’s Bible Point. See if your kids know.

What was today’s Bible Point? (So glad you asked!)

Family and friends help us stand strong!!

As always, our key Bible verse applies to the concept:

So encourage each other and build each other up.
 (1 Thessalonians 5:11)

So encouraging one another is one way to help our friends and family stand strong!

Our sneak peak at today’s Bible adventure came from a clue in our hidden helmet. (How does that helmet always seem to disappear every day?) Our clue tells us that our Bible story is about Esther. She’s the one that has an entire book of the Old Testament that tells her story! We’ll learn more, I’m sure.

Today the preschoolers did the following…

  • Games – Today we played “Parachute Pals” and “Helping Tag.” What fun!
Preschool Games
  • Drama/Bible Adventures – We got to play different roles in the story of brave Queen Esther. I wonder what role involved making noise with drums?
Preschool Bible Adventures Pre-school Crafts - decorating friends & family
  • Crafts – We created ‘fridge art to represent family and friends who help us stand strong.
  • Chadder’s Theater – We watched another episode of our video. Chadder and Joey discover who was stealing the palace treasures! But now Chadder is in another fix!

Elementary kids visited the following stations…

  • Epic Bible Adventures – We met Queen Esther and heard about her plight. We also had a chance to peek into the royal throne room and we encouraged Queen Esther to stand strong.
    meeting Esther from the Bible Peeking into the throne room

    At Bible Adventures is where we receive the day’s wrist band. Have you seen one of these come home with your child? Take note of the QR Code that takes you to a fun spot on the web. There’s lots of good stuff on those wrist bands.

    Wrist band close-up
  • Tournament Games – We played “Teamwork Pass,” “Lean on Me,” and “Knight Tag.” Believe it or not we do rest a bit.
    A tag game out on the lawn Talking time in knee-to-knee circles
  • Chadder’s Royal Theatre & Missions – We watched another episode of our video. Chadder encouraged his friend Joey to do the right thing when they discovered who was stealing the palace treasures!
    Chadder Chipmunk Chadder’s the star in the video
  • Imagination Station – We talked about sinking feelings. Then we discovered a way to float instead! Then we tried to build towers from straws. We found that cooperation helped.
    Imagination Station - tower building Building towers in Imagination Station

At The King’s Kitchen we quenched our hunger and our thirst with today’s tasty treat: Building Blocks. We could play with our food! Meanwhile, it reminded us to build each other up with our words and our actions; to build relationships with our family and our friends. During our snack time we shared our God Sightings: instances where we saw God at work in our daily life; a smiling face, a pretty sunset, a helping hand… all of these are God’s fingerprints! We’re creating lists of all of our God Sightings.

Today the Grad Group worked on packaging snacks for the LOVE Thy Neighbor program – a local outreach to feed the homeless lunch on Saturdays. They also counted cereal boxes (17!) and money donated for our mission project. $84.77 has been collected so far to help build bathrooms in Liberia!

Grad Group packs snacks A Grad Group member gives an update

Yesterday the Grad Group decorated bags that will be used in church this Saturday and Sunday, to collect a special offering to add to our building bathrooms fund. I’ll bet that at VBC we can raise more!

As our morning drew to a close everyone gathered at Fanfare Finale. Lady Adele helped us review our day. We sang our favorite Kingdom Rock songs about standing strong. We also watched a volunteer stand strong against a “Kingdom-ly Contraption.” What will happen to the knight? I wonder if having friends around him will help?

Set up the experiment The Knight is done in by the bowling ball
watch out! This is scary! Friends help him to stand strong

Watch the slide show with pictures from Monday…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you tomorrow!
~~Carol (on behalf of the VBC Team)


Photo credits:
Bible Buddy image used by permission of Group Publishing.
Other photos courtesy of Tom and Carol.

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  1. Thank you so much for an amazing summary of the day! I love the photo slideshow with the descriptive words at the bottom of each slide!

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