Tending the Kingdom

Does anyone else have VBC withdrawal?
Or are you wishing the music would stop running in your head?

♪ ♫  Stand strong, when life changes.

Stand strong through the ups and downs.  ♫

As for me, I’m missing VBC! I’m missing the comradery… after all, there were 127 kids and 75 volunteers!

Grad Group at Bryant Community Center At King's Kitchen - recording God Sightings
Crew Leaders for the Elementary Imagination Station So many smiles!

(Place your cursor over each photo to see a caption.)

…And I’m missing the daily divulging drama…

Lady Adele is burdened with responsibilities Preschool - Bible Adventures leader

…And then there was the savory silliness…

Most-decorated Crew Leader Can we make it all the way around the circle?
the mysterious smiley face in the balconey I've fallen. In my armor. And I can't get up.

But my favorite part was that we were tending God’s kingdom; reaching out to kids with an important message: God’s kingdom is a loving place. God accepts you into his kingdom here on earth — you don’t have to wait until you get to heaven — God wants you to be a part of his kingdom now!

When you build your own personal “kingdom” (i.e., your life)
on the foundation of God’s kingdom,
you will STAND STRONG!

We had our week of VBC. Now it’s your turn. Are you helping your kids to remember God?

Need support? That’s what we’re here for! Try these:

Sometimes it can be hard to understand what God is up to, especially when hit with the “ups and downs.” Help your child to see that God is always with them, helping them to STAND STRONG!

~~Carol, on behalf of the VBC Team

Watch the slide show below of pictures from the last day of VBC.
Or to see other days of VBC photos.

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Photo credits: Click here for info on banner photo (not visible in readers or email).
Photos courtesy of Tom, Marcie, Wendy, and Carol.

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