Summer schedule 2013

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What’s up for kids and Christian Education in July and August at FUMC?
Starting July 13th and 14th, we’re off to the movies! Our special summer film series will feature six selections from the “What’s in the Bible with Buck Denver” series.  It will be a fun way to enjoy a change of pace while learning some really cool stuff! (This video series is by the creator of Veggie Tales!) And, we voted on special days! Check out the schedule below.

Here’s a preview of this film series:

Here is the schedule for July and August and the beginning of September:

Date Green Wood location
Saturday evening
Downtown location
Sunday morning
July 13/14 Both locations introduced the What’s in the Bible video series.
(And we voted for special days!)

(If you missed this week, to be introduced to all of the characters in this series watch this short video.)

July 20/21 Attend worship with your parental units Stuffed animal day. Kids brought their stuffed animals to the movies! We learned about Genesis. Here’s an important message from today’s lesson.
July 27/28 Attend worship with your parental units. Missing hearing the theme song? (I figured you were. Here it is.) We’re fast-forwarding to the New Testament. Here’s the trailer.
Date Green Wood location
Saturday evening
Downtown location
Sunday morning
August 3/4 Stuffed animal day! Today we’ll learn about the first book of the Bible: Genesis. Watch a portion of what we’ll see. Attend worship with your parental units
August 10/11 Pajama Day! What a fun way to view a video; all cushy-comfy in your jammers. However, it would be wise if you at least wore shoes. Or would it be smart? I wonder what the difference is between wise and smart? We are going to find out! Pajama Day! (It will be so easy to get ready for church!) We’ll be watching part two of the Gospels. Here’s something that the adults might be interested in watching. (Kids can watch too but it’s a message for the grown-ups.)
August 17/18 Wear your funky hat day. Yikes, I hope it’s not too hot to wear a hat! Regardless, come and watch part one of the Gospels. You know the Gospels right? (Here’s a review.) Nothing special day? But wait! When YOU are there it’s special! This week you won’t want to miss. It’s all about the special gift that Jesus promised his disciples. That’s right, the Holy Spirit. Is this gift available for us today? Come and watch and see!
August 24/25 Pajama Day – again! Today we’ll be continuing on with the Gospels. There is lots to learn about: healing and miracles and teachings and things that aren’t even talked about in the Bible! But they are important concepts to understand. Watch this one about the Trinity. Pajama Day #2 (just in case you missed the first one.) We’ll be learning about the books of the Bible called the “Writings.” Can anyone name a book in the Writings section? Here’s one.
Aug. 31 /Sept. 1 Backwards Day. That will be strange. Hey, we’ll be talking today about what happened on Pentecost. Now that was amazing strange! Attend worship with your parental units. Have you been singing the theme song?

We are a Workshop Rotation Model church! Yeah for fun, meaningful learning! Join us in two locations: On Saturday evening at Green Wood, or downtown on Sunday mornings at First United Methodist Church in Ann Arbor, MI.

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