A book to be loved

A book that hopefully will be loved, and used and worn to pieces…

A 3rd grader proudly holds her Bible

How can we ensure that happens? That a Bible is utilized, consumed and worn right out?

  •  First, give to all of the third graders, a gift from the church: a Bible of their own. Distribute these Bibles in an in-front-of-everyone sort of way. This ensures that not only will recipients and their immediate caregivers feel the reverance, but everyone sees how important these kids are to us, and how serious we are about God’s word!
  •  Second, hold a special unwrap-the-Bible event for the 3rd graders and their families. Right off the bat announce that their shiny, brand-new, au courant Bibles are sheathed in numerous layers of various types of paper! Purposefully unwrap each layer while teaching its significance; each covering sheet introducing an aspect of the Bible.
The first layer of wrapping on their Bibles Layer two is revealed!

For example: What could a layer of comics-paper bring to mind? The Bible is full of stories. Carrying around a Bible is like carrying around a library!

Check out the photo I took! Little sister watches closely
Taking a close look A family pix

  • This milestone event has a third step.

    Use your Bible at home.

    Steps one and two were initiated by the church but step three is in the hands of all families. Oh yes, if your child attends the Cool Disciples program, they will learn a lot, but YOU, not the church, are the primary faith educator for your children.

    Where can you start?

    • Allow your child(ren) to catch you reading the Bible. Actions speak louder than words.
    • Read the Bible together. Often.
    • Talk about what is read. For our current Rotation story on Abraham and Sarah read these passages in Genesis: 12:1-9, 13:14b-18, 15:1-7, 15:18a, 17:1-9, 17:15-17, 18:1-15, 21:1-3. Look here for a reading plan for our story. Subscribe to this blog (see up above, on the right) to receive an email of each new post.
    • God made a covenant with Abraham. Make a covenant with your child to study and learn about God together.

    Be the first one to ask for a replacement for your worn out Bible!

    The 3rd grade class
    The class of 2023!

    Photo credits:
    Photos from the families of FUMC. Group photo by Joe Spaly.

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