How goes your journey?

This entry was originally posted when our kids were talking about the wise men, however it applies to all year ’round! What are you doing to further your faith growth?

Painting by James Tissot, in the Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

I find it amazing that the wise men made such a long, arduous journey to worship Jesus. Previously I had pondered questions that the wise men may have asked as they prepared for their trip. Such as…

  • Where would the star lead them?
  • What would they find?
  • How would they be received?
  • And, are we there yet?

Wait a minute! This sounds like an adventure someone else (whom we’ve recently studied about) made to an unknown destination. In fact, it may well be that they both came from the same area!

Both were Gentiles (not Jewish) at the time God summoned them. Neither knew exactly where they were going when they left their homeland. Both obeyed God and were instructed by the stars. (Abraham: Genesis 15:5, the magi: Matthew 2:2). (Did you figure out that I was thinking of Abraham & Sarah?)

Both parties chose to venture into the unfamiliar.

Speaking of an uncharted odyssey…

How goes your family faith journey?

Does it feel like you don’t know where your faith walk will lead you, or what you’ll find along the way, or even if you are on the right path? Join the wise men! Here are some hints about how to stay the course on your family faith journey.

a starParticipate in rituals.
Celebrating family rituals is a great way to grow in faith together. Rituals and traditions are repeated activities that help family members develop a sense of belonging. Make time for rituals that connect us to God: Saying table grace, bedtime prayers, daily Bible reading… Add a new ritual! What occasions can you make special (besides the usual holidays and birthdays)? It’s not too late to start an Advent ritual.

a child holds a newly created Advent wreathMom with two girls look at a Bible

a star Worship together.
If kids don’t experience worship as a child, what will cause them to want to participate as an adult?

A family worships togetherChildren have a time with the pastor at church

a starServe others.
The family that serves together, stays together!

Families participate in a service project

10 kids ages 10 and under dug a 30 foot drainage ditch

It’s not too late to consider joining us on our spring Appalachia Mission trip.

a star Watch for a shining “star” (or two or three).
Notice signs that lead us to think of Jesus.

The sun sets over the lakeChristmas eve service

a starCultivate your personal faith.
Don’t you want your kids to “do as you do?” Take time to build your own faith. Set aside a regular time to commune with God in prayer, read the Bible, or join a class at church.

a blue line

As your family traverses its way along your faith journey, know that God is our God and God is always with us!

Photo credits:
Painting of traveling magi by James Tissot, in the public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.
Star from the public domain via
Other photos from my archives or from from the families of FUMC. Appalachia photo copyright, Richard Rupp Photography; used with permission.