Don’t think of it as summer school

We’re off to the movies! This summer, we hope you’ll join us on our movie adventure and also, continue the learning at home.

Summer school! (But don’t tell the kids!) Really! This is to help you pass along your faith to your child(ren)! Here are some questions to talk about at the family dinner table. (Or wherever your family is gathered together.)

You can ask these questions even if you missed the first video showing last weekend!

Parents and caregivers: want to get a feel for the video? Click below to watch the first five minutes of our first video. (Or click here if you are reading this in an email.)

Don’t you agree that this is for adults and their kids? Join us!

You’ll both be learning together at the movies!

And, by using the questions below, you’ll both be learning together at home!

If desired, print out this family discussion guide here. (You can spread this out over several days.)


  • What is a favorite book that you have recently read?
  • What if a friend told you that the Bible was their favorite book, what would you say?
  • Why do you suppose we should read the Bible? (No right or wrong answers!)
  • Buck Denver, Man of News!
  • Buck Denver, one of the main characters in our video series, asks a BIG question in the first video: What is the Bible? How would you answer that question? (To watch a one minute video of some kids with their answers to this question, view here.)
  • Tell your kids that you’ve learned how to carry 66 books with one hand! Then show them how you do it, by picking up a Bible! Yep, the Bible is like a library; there are 66 books in the Protestant Bible! [1]
  • All of the books in the Bible tell us one big story. What would you say is that one big story? (Lots of answers, but the one we are focused on is that the Bible is the story of God and what he’s done for us; something that we like to call “God’s Rescue Plan”).
  • Take turns remembering stories in the Bible. Then take turns naming what that story tells us about God and what he’s done for us. (For example, our last Rotation, the Walk to Emmaus: Jesus is always with us.)
  • Sunday School Lady

  • Sunday School Lady (a professional Sunday school teacher) tells us about the Old and the New Testament, and their different sections. [You can watch this part on-line in a new window.] [2].
  • First off, what is a “testament? (The word “testament” comes from the Latin word testamentum, which means “oath” or “covenant.” A covenant and an oath are promises with conditions, so the word testament essentially means a “promise.”)
  • Promises! More about what God has done for us! (His Rescue Plan!) Why do you suppose God made promises? (Hint: it has something to do with love!)

Stay tuned for more each week. See you in church.

[1] For older kids, add in discussion about how the number of books in the Bible is different in Catholic and Protestant Bibles. Do some research starting here and here.

[2] If your child asks about the “end of the world” (mentioned in Sunday school lady’s description of the book of Revelation), admittedly the end of the world sounds kind of scary! Some people use the words “the end of the world” to describe the time when all people will love and care for each other and obey God. (That doesn’t sound bad!) In the early days of the church some followers of Jesus (for example, Paul) thought that this would happen soon! Some even stopped working because they figured, why bother! (Read about it here.) Of course it hasn’t happened yet, so nothing to worry about! Besides it gives us plenty of time to, as John Wesley says, go on to perfection.” (Which means we’re working on Matthew 22:37-39).

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Photos from the producer of our video What’s in the Bible, under a fair usage category.

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