The summer learning continues

A collage representing parental involvement with our programmingAdults! Join your 1st – 6th graders on our movie adventure. (It gives you an “easy in” for continuing the learning at home!)

Here are some questions for the family dinner table. (Or wherever your family is gathered together.) You can ask these questions even if you missed the video showings. (For other sets of discussion questions on our summer movie series, view here.)

If desired, print out this family discussion guide here. (Spread this out over several days.)


  • Pass around a Bible. The person holding the Bible gets to be the one who shares their glads and sads for the day. (Or perhaps you call them peaks and pits?)
  • Usually when you open a book one of the first things you notice is the author. Does it say anywhere, who is the author of the Bible?
  • Buck Denver, Man of News!
  • Our most recent “BIG QUESTION with Buck Denver” was: Who wrote the books of the Bible?
    Does anyone know the answer?
    Is this one of those questions where it’s important that we know the absolute answer? OR is it more critical that we trust these writings because they are in the Bible, not because of who wrote them?
    [Read here for more info on the Methodist view of the Bible.]
  • Let’s dig into the Bible! What is the name of the first book of the Bible? Why is it appropriately named? (Watch a short video of a song about the meaning of the word “Genesis.”)
  • Read together Genesis 1:1-31. Do we know for sure when all this happened? Some say 6000 years ago, others say 4.5 billion years ago? Who is right?
    Phil Vischer (the producer of our video series) tells us: Not all Christians agree about everything. Some believe the 
word day in the Bible means a “24 hour period” and some believe “God days” can cover 
millions of years.
    How does living with mystery often define our faith?
  • Read together Genesis 3:1-21.
  • Chester Whigget's Popsicle Stick Theater show of Adam & EveBetween Popsicle Stick theater and Chuck Waggin’s singing we were introduced to the concept of sin and God’s rescue plan.

    What is sin?

    Why do we need rescuing?

    Note: These are heady concepts! Work at them slowly. Ask questions.

    A simple definition of sin: anything we do that separates us from God.

    Why do we need a rescue plan from God? Watch this short video…

    Stay tuned for more each week. See you in church.

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